Yayasan Kristen untuk Kesehatan Umum

Christian Foundation for Public Health (YAKKUM) is a health care facility for healing  ministry, founded by the Synod of Javanese Christian Churches (GKJ) and the Synod of Indonesian Christian Churches (GKI-Central Java) on February 1, 1950. In its development, South Sumatra independent GKJ became GKSBS (Christian Church of Southern Part of Sumatera) who later became YAKKUM supporting church. The ecclesiastical ministry is a continuation of Christian Hospital Foundation (Jejasan Roemahsakit-roemahsakit Kristen [JRSK]) in Central Java, pioneered by Dutch Reformed Churches Zending (Mission) which started its mission in Indonesia in 1899.


S trategic Vision 2011 - 2016:  

Health service network for healing that is affordable, qualified and growing.


S trategic Mission 2011 - 2016:

1.To manifest a hospital network in a professional, affordable, love-based and a people's choice.

2. To organize Higher Education of Health which is qualified and a top choice of national and international society based on Christian values.

3. To fight for the compliance of the holistic health rights which is sustainable through the synergy of human services and a transformative community development based on CBO, accountability and quality.