Wednesday, 5 August 2015

In an effort to understand the services that focus on the primary needs of patients of high quality, sustainable, and efficient in Hospital Yakkum, Yakkum organized a seminar on "Patient Centered Care (PCC): Concepts, Challenges, and Implementation Strategies in Hospital Yakkum". The event was held on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at Hotel Novotel Solo was attended by about 70 persons from the Yakkum Hospital Unit. This seminar presents three speakers, Dr. Nico A. Lumenta K. Nefro. MM., MH.Kes. from KARS; Dr. Hans Wijaya, MM. CIA. From the National Hospital, and Christina Widyastuti, SH., Customer Panti Waluyo Solo.


Chairman 2 of the Board Yakkum, DR. Dr. Bagoes Widjanarko, MPH, MA., opened the seminar at 09.00 pm. Furthermore, Dra. P.E. Wardhani, MAB.Apt, from Yakkum Bethesda Hospital in Yogyakarta, was the moderator of the session. Dr. Nico A. Lumenta explained Concepts, Challenges, and Implementation Strategies PCC Yakkum Hospital, Dr. Hans Wijaya bring the material in the PCC Implementation Feasibility RS Yakkum in the Era of the MEA., And Christina Widyastuti, SH., Submit Needs and Expectations Of Services Hospital Patients in the Era of Competition Yakkum MEA. In the end of the seminar, Dra. Endang Budiarti, Apt., M.Pharm. (RS Bethesda) led the formulation of the Action Plan (RTL).


Hopefully, through this seminar RS Yakkum can identify characters, desires and expectations of patients; able to understand the PCC as a core competititiveness in services; understand the challenges and implementation strategies of PCC; understand the operational cost management that integrates with the PCC, to further develop strategies together with the implementation in each hospital.