Tuesday, 9 February 2016

On the Monday, February 1, 2016, YAKKUM reached the age of 66 years. As in previous years, YAKKUM commemorating the Lord Said Thanksgiving, grateful for the passage of time that has passed and looked forward to a trip full of hope. Worship 66th anniversary was held at GKJ Manahan Solo and led by Rev.. Erny Stientje Sendow, M.Th. As for the theme is Developing Talents, Glorifying God (Matthew 25: 14-30) and the sub-theme "Witnessing the Glory, Continuing His work (John 9: 4).

In this anniversary worship services conducted a special inauguration ceremony of Trustees YAKKUM period 2016-2021. Approximately 500 people attended an inauguration ceremony and watched the entire series of events following the anniversary solemnly. The audience is the employee service period of the award recipients from across the Work Unit YAKKUM, all YAKKUM Organ, YAKKUM Office employees, and a number of invited guests.

A total of 70 employees received awards service period of 10 years of work, there are 181 people working honorees service period of 20 years, and 42 people received awards 30-year service period of work.

Ir. Soetrisno Kusumohadi in his speech, representing the Trustees YAKKUM who is out of service, delivered some important activities that have been implemented and must be forwarded by YAKKUM, and grateful for the cooperation and support of all stakeholders. Drs. Bambang Subandrijo, PhD., Representing the appointed Trustees YAKKUM, invites YAKKUM to move forward together to face the challenge for the future progress and glory of Christ's name. Rev. Aris Widaryanto, sth ,. M.Min., Representing the Founder of the Church, expressed a happy birthday YAKKUM and the appointed coaches, as well as thank the coaches who have completed the term of office and all employees YAKKUM. He reminded about the vision and mission YAKKUM that must be fought and hoped that YAKKUM increasingly become a blessing to many people. The event starts at 13:00 pm with a closing prayer by Rev. Rudianto Djajakartika, sth., M.Sc. (AK / KY)