Monday, 2 May 2016

The Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (KARS) presented certificates of accreditation to the plenary seven private hospitals in the shade of the Christian Foundation for Public Health (YAKKUM), in Ballroom MG Setos Shamrock Hotel, Saturday (16/4).

Two hospitals were outside of Central Java, namely RS Mardi Waluyo Metro Lampung and Yogyakarta Lempuyangwangi Bethesda Hospital. Five others in Central Java, namely Panti Rahayu Purwodadi, Panti Wilasa Dr. Cipto and Panti Wilasa Citarum Semarang, RS Emmanuel Klampok Banjarnegara and Panti Waluyo Surakarta.

Delivery of a certificate by the head of R & D, Quality and Risk Man KARS, Nico A Lumenta to each director of the hospital.

In his speech, stressed Nico, hospitals must partner with the patient, not transactional. "Service-oriented to the patient. Security and services to patients must be improved, "he said.

YAKKUM chairman, Daniel Sugiarto said services to patients in the era of National Health Insurance, has made a positive contribution in improving the patient.

"On average 70 percent of patients in all hospitals under YAKKUM derived from JKN. RS in Metro Lampung even up to 90 percent. JKN era is like a tit for tat. Our mission also serve essentially the middle to lower, "he said.

Along with the event, Panti Wilasa "Dr. Cipto "commemorating 66 years of travel health services in the city of Semarang. In his speech, Dr. Daniel Budi Wibowo, Kes, director Panti Wilasa "Dr. Cipto "express commitment Panti Wilasa" Dr. Cipto "to serve patients participant BPJS Health, diamping the development of enhanced services dengna ESWL services and tools Faco for cataracts. Physical development will also be carried out with the construction of new buildings. "All this is done to improve services to the community," said dr. Daniel. (RSPWDC)