Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Reading: 1 Samuel 10:17-27

A woman who came to the king's notorious gossip with many negative complaints about his brother. The king replied, "That's not my concern." The woman was changing the subject; greet paikan negative complaints from relatives of the king. Tar king commented, "It's not your concern." This is the example of the attitude of a leader who can sort out the things that need to be heard and addressed.

We often get a bad impression of Saul, first king of Israel. However, the Bible was his good record, especially when he would begin his ministry as a king. As a leader he knew to choose which sounds to be heard at the same time completely unnecessary. To the wild cry of despair over the threat the nation nation of Ammon, he was able to hear the concerns and responding with alacrity (1 Samuel 11:1-7). Meanwhile, the ridicule and contempt a class of people who doubt the ability and leadership, he had been "pretending to be deaf" (verse 27). He did not want to waste energy just wait on them.

Is the opinion of the nosy side and pitched another person, when we were undergoing the work of ministry that God has entrusted, often weaken us? We then run out of energy and mind respond. Ask for wisdom and patience of Him so that we can pick and choose which ones we need and not have to respond seriously. So, we remain focused on God's calling and the main task that we must do. --PAD