Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Reading: Exodus 2:1-10

If you are in a difficult and risky situations, how do you deal with it? Retreat before the fight, resigned without effort, or face an all-out? There are hand pulled from today's reading that we can make a lesson.

Rescue incident involving the baby Moses from the dangers of an important role of women in the vicinity, and each representing one of attitude. Sifra and Pua are midwives who feared God, so they are reluctant to kill the Hebrew babies, even if the act was against the rule of the king (1:17). Yokebed is the mother of creative problem solving (paragraph 3). It looks through his idea to save the baby Moses. Miriam, the sister, was personally brave. He is not afraid to meet the daughter of Pharaoh for the baby care (paragraphs 4, 7). And Pharaoh's daughter is compassionate person even though he knew the baby Moses was a Hebrew baby, who became a slave in the land (verse 6). In fact, in his mercy, Pharaoh's daughter raised the baby as a child (paragraph 10). The fear of God, creativity, courage, and compassion-that's the attitudes of the individual who leads a small Moses survived and were growing up (verse 10).

Sure there are a lot of attitude that we can take in response when faced with difficult situations; the farrago that followed the impact. The fourth attitude that we look today, in full awareness of the sovereignty of God is involved and in control of any situation, an appropriate response in dealing with difficult situations that could come at any time. - DKL